ssj-potato replied to your post “you’re all harry potter nerds please write this essay for me please…”

what did u just call me, loser?

you heard me, shitnerd.

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you’re all harry potter nerds

please write this essay for me please please please

i hate it so much and the longer i leave it the worse i get



i will pay you please. 

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am i really going to have to avoid the internet until this gough whitlam party blows over?

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Dead white man gets all the credit for the 9 year long Gurindji Strike, the 8 year long anti-Vietnam-war movement, draft resisters, Freedom Rides, student campus campaigns, resurgence of the workers movement…
– anonymous on Gough Whitlam (via mamas-kumquat)

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casual reminder: everyone dies.

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mousecatfielding replied to your post: okay wtf is this carmilla thing?

I literally screeched out loud when I saw this, you really need to watch it because I am in desperate need of talking to someone about it

i’m v. scared that if i dislike it you’ll hate me forever. 

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okay wtf is this carmilla thing?

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mousecatfielding replied to your post “mad men is actually kind of interesting and i rly want to watch more…”

*chants* Betray him, betray him!


tbh i feel like every female character is going to end up going on a murderous rampage. i’m going to be v. upset if not a single woman stabs someone by the end of this series. 

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imthejb replied to your post: today i had san churros for lunch AND …

Oh man I know those feels. I had a chocolate sundae today and as a lactose intolerant person, I feel your bloat. <3

everything good in the world has lactose in it. absolutely everything. 

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but yeah, i am so glad that post about the pressure on women playing games exists because i didn’t realise until now i was the only one who felt that way!!! but it’s so true. and you’re really fucked either way because people will either take you as the representative of your ENTIRE gender if you lose and just say ‘girls can’t play videogames hawhaw’. or they’ll be mocked for ‘losing to a girl’, and even come up with bullshit excuses. like i wiped the floor with this dickhead one time and every single fucking time i killed him he’d make up some lame ass excuse like ‘my control ran out of battery’ or ‘fucking lag!!!’ even tho we were sharing a console/tv??? and continued like this even when i had fucking 22 kills on him and he’d gotten me once? and like you can say that he was a sore loser in general but he never fucking said a thing when any of the guys beat him. and it even got to the point where he became incredibly angry and aggressive. it was fucking scary and i cried later on because i was like fucking 15 and i felt so stupid and like a total failure even tho i’d won???

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